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A Week of Finishes - Day 2

Now I am on a roll - Day 2 of finishes and it's another Alison Glass fabric quilt!

This started way back when ....

Well actually is started back in February 2018 when I was working at the first Handi Quilter Longarm Academy in Bristol. The on site shop had beautiful Alison Glass charm packs and I thought it would be a quick and easy make to create a HST quilt with and practice my quilting.

Fast forward to another group gathering, The Modern Quilt Club retreat in October 2019, and I realised I wanted more variety of fabrics and some of the lovely people there donated some scraps - well they called them scraps I called them fabric pieces!! Along with some Kona, not sure now which dark grey it is, and I was ready to start.

Making HSTs was a perfect project for retreat sewing because it's not taxing and easily done whilst chatting.

They sat for quite a while in a drawer. I would get them out, look at them, think some and then put them back in that drawer. They moved house with me and still sat in the drawers.

Then I got them out again and put them up on my design wall and started to play ...

I loved this option but then realised exactly how many HSTs I would have to join together and by now I wanted a finish so I played some more ...

And I liked this idea. As it turned out, so did a friend who saw it on Instagram and I was planning on giving her a quilt for her 50th and that was the motivation I needed to get this finished.

So time to sew it all together and then get some borders on. I had used this quilting design, Malachite, on several customer quilts and thought it would give great texture to this quilt without detracting from the gorgeous fabric.

This was only gifted last week and I have to admit my friend is now 50+1 and 3 months - but what's that between friends! It was great to hear it went straight onto the sofa when she got home and was then moved to the bed. I was very specific when I said it was a quilt to be used and used and used!

Quilt Information

Pattern: Made up as I went along starting with several hundred HSTs!

Started: October 2019

Finished: July 2022

Fabric: Alison Glass fabric that I had collected over the years - some bought, some kindly donated, some swapped

No new fabric bought for this quilt - it was quite a challenge getting the gradations of colour with just those colours in my stash

Background fabric is Kona Cotton - I don't remember which one maybe graphite

Pieced: Bernette and Janome 9450QCP

Wadding: 100% cotton

Quilted: Handi Quilter Amara with Pro-Stitcher

Quilting: Malachite digital design by Urban Elementz

Thread: Glide 60wt Sterling + Decobob 80wt Dove Grey in bobbin

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