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QuiltCon Together 2021 :: Modern Quilts

QuiltCon has gone virtual for 2021 and is QuiltCon Together

What is QuiltCon?

QuiltCon is the largest quilt show of Modern Quilts in the world, run by The Modern Quilt Guild. It is held annually, switching location from the east coast to the west coast of America. It is a juried show, which means you have to submit quilts for entry and getting a quilt accepted into QuiltCon is no mean feat!

QuiltCon Together

The fact that QuiltCon has gone virtual is a positive in so may ways - not least the opening up of Modern Quilts to people who would never dream of travelling to a Modern Quilt Show in the States. That is my dream by the way! It has been for many years and hopefully one day that dream will become a reality.

You don't have to be a member of the Modern Quilt Guild to attend the show so if you are a fan of Modern Quilts or have always wanted to learn more about them then why not think of attending?

A Show Pass is $10 but if you purchase at least one lecture, which is $12, the Show Pass is free. All the lectures are streamed live but you then have the option of on demand playback.

Take a look at the catalogue and see what's on offer. Lots of the classes are booked up already but there's still some available. I have just finished my registration and have enrolled in 4 lectures which I am really looking forward too. Truth be told I would kind of like to have been able to hear ALL the lectures but there's no way I could dedicate that amount of time to them!

What are Modern Quilts?

Well here's some photos to show you - as they say a picture speaks a thousand words!

These are some of the category winners from last year's show. Please visit the original post, click here, for details of makers and to see many more lovely modern quilts!

If you are interested in learning more one of the talks I offer is on Modern Quilts and this will soon be available as a online talk.


Having just read the post back I realise it does sound a lot like I work for the MQG or I am getting a kick back for the advertorial but it is neither! The truth is, that this is such a wonderful, exciting part of the quilting world that I would like everyone to know about it!


If you follow me on Instagram you will have heard my great news just before Christmas - I have a quilt that was juried into the show!!! It is in the Improv Quilt category and I can't wait to share more of it with you once the show has opened!

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